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Investment offers of the City of Tarnów

Area File
Plot for a SPA Centre Jara/ Błotna St approx. 1,46 ha download offer
Plot in Lotnicza St approx. 26 ha download offer
Plot at intersection of Niedomicka/ Ścieżki St approx. 88 ha download offer
Plot in Gliniańska St approx. 9 ha download offer
Land in Komunalna St approx. 28 ha download offer


The Special Economic Zone plots

Area File
Plot in Piaskowa St approx. 4,5 ha download offer
Industrial plot in "Piaskówka" approx. 8 ha download offer


Integrated Municipal Information System of the City of Tarnow - Investor's Geoportal



Investment offers of the Tarnów Industrial Cluster


Economic Activity Zone

Business Incubator

"Mechaniczne" Industrial Park

"Czysta" Industrial Park

"Zielony" Green Industrial Park



Investment offers in Tarnów Agglomeration

Lisia Góra County file
Brzozówka, approx. 0,78 ha download
Brzozówka, approx. 0,88 ha download
Łukowa, approx. 3 ha download
Lisia Góra (private land) approx. 40 ha download
Brzozówka (private land) approx. 14.5 ha download
Lisia Góra (private land) approx. 70 ha download


Radłów County file
Wola Radłowska plot. 141 approx. 14 ha download
Wola Radłowska plot. 777 approx. 16 ha download


Ryglice County file
Ryglice 2,79 ha download
Uniszowa 1,08 ha download


Skrzyszów County file
Ładna/Pogórska Wola approx. 68 ha download
Ładna/Skrzyszów approx. 45 ha download
Ładna (near Grosar) approx. 4 ha download
Skrzyszów (former Sokołów) approx. 23 ha download


Tarnów County file
Wola Rzędzińska approx. 40 ha download
Wola Rzędzińska approx. 60 ha download
Wola Rzędzińska 120 ha download


Wierzchosławice County file
Rudka, 3,6 ha download
Mikołajowice, 0,55 ha download
Ostrów, 20 ha download
Wierzchosławice #1 30 ha download
Wierzchosławice #2, 0,28 ha download


Wojnicz County file
Wojnicz (Regional Development Agency offer) approx. 2 ha download


Żabno County file
Odporyszów approx. 20 ha download
Morzychna, 9 ha download
Sieradza, 12 ha download
Niedomice, 1,9 ha download


The municipal buildings management lease offers