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Incentives for investors



Local authorities always strongly support the existent companies and take care of the city's potential by introducing laws such as:
- Real Estate Tax exemptions for entrepreneurs who create new work places (de minimis);
- there is also a tax exemption for new investments in greenfileds areas of over 92 ha located in the City of Tarnów (regional investment aid). Both laws will be valid until December 31st, 2020.

Special Economic Zone in Tarnów
Companies investing within the Tarnów sub-zone may obtain real estate tax and income tax exemption. Both forms area part of public regional aid.

Real estate tax exemption is regulated with the resolution of the City Council on Terms and Conditions of Granting Exemptions from Real Estate Tax Being Regional Investment Aid by the Tarnow City Commune. The companies operating within zones may also obtain support in the form of income tax exemption.

For more information contact: Economic Development Department, 6 Mickiewicza st., room 116, 33-100 Tarnów, ph. +48 14 688 28 00, fax. +48 14 688 28 20, wob@umt.tarnow.pl